Apps in the Classroom

Puppet Pals

What is this? Puppet pals is an app that allows students to create shows with animation and audio in real time.

How can it be used? Puppet pals can be used as a performance assessment. You could have students create their own story in Language Arts and then share it with the class.


What is it? Voice thread is an app that allows people to add audio to some sort of document.

How can it be used? It can be used in the classroom for presentations, language learning, and distance learning.


What is it? Audioboo is a website that allows users to post and share sound files.

How can it be used? It can be used through distance learning.

Bunsella's Bedtime Stories

What is it? An app for creating and narrating bedtime stories.

How can it be used? It can be used for children to create their own stories.


What is it? ExitTicket delivers real time feedback and performance metrics to both students and teachers. It is more than just a polling app, teachers can know exactly what every student is thinking.

How can it be used? ExitTicket can be used to share questions and look at data. It can also be used to share assessment items with other teachers. ExitTicket allows students to get answers wrong which leads to learning. It is a great way to check immediately for understanding.

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