#TackkThursday:  How Did It Come To Be?

I luckily discovered @Tackk this summer just before a new school year.  Plus, I got a new job in which I got to teach #Technology.  I quickly fell in love with Tackk for educational reasons.  Oh, the possibilities!  I quickly assigned my first Techies a Tackk assignment and off we went.  My affinity for Tackk grew and grew!  Then this wonderful t-shirt arrived on my porch.  #TackkThursday was officially born!  Thursdays at my school are late start and shorter class periods.  Thursdays for me have always been harder than Fridays or Mondays.  What a better way to get through a Thursday than wearing a comfy Tackk t-shirt, promoting an awesome site that I love and assigning Tackks? Hence, #TackkThursday was born!  How do you spend your #TackkThursdays?

No more Thursdays like this!