Children Of The Holocaust

The life of Oswald Kernberg

In  Loving Memory Of Oswald Kernberg

One of the few Jewish children who were not killed during the Holocaust was 13 year old Oswald Kernberg. Oswald Kernberg was born in Vienna, Austria on October 29, 1929 to Herman and Frieda Kernberg. He lived comfortably with his parents in their home of Vienna, Austria until in 1938 when the Germans invaded their homeland of Austria. Oswald was transported on a special children`s transport to France, where he was placed in serveral different homes, for the next 2 and a half years. Next in the July of 1941 Oswald was transported to the United States on another special children`s transport. After the Holocaust Oswald Kernberg lived his life on in the the United States as a free man. We have know learned from the Holocaust that no one should be killed nor judged by their race, religion, nor their beliefs.