Map of Japan

Early civiilizations of Japan were controlled by many powerful clans. The ajapnese culture was seperated into many periods that consisted of different rulers. In the early Japan many scientist think that people migrated from the Asian mainland. One of the reason that they thought this was because the people gave JApan a very distinct culture. One of the early Japanese cultures was the Ainu which did not represent any other East Asians. The next ting that came to the Japan area was the Yamato Clan and other clans that you can read about on the website below.


The Heian period in 794 when Japan's emperor moved the capital to heian which is now called Kyoto. The nobles moved to Heian and developed a elegant court society where the Japanese culture grew. The life in te Heian period consisted of beautiful places where the nobles lived. The Heian period was all about elegance and beauty. The women where very elegant and the children where well behaved. The nobles took the time to write and speak so that they would not become to harsh with their words.

For information on the Yamato clan click the video below

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