Career Research Project
Carter Biellier - Firefighter

Necessary Job Skills:

- Physical Fitness

- Able to work while pressured

- Teamwork

Educational Requirements

To be a firefighter you have to have at least your GED. Having a college degree would help someone with achieving employment in this career. In addition to a GED it would take other training such as emergency medical technician (EMT). To become a chief, one should consider attaining a bachelors degree or a masters degree. The college I plan on going to is Western Illinois University for their fire science and engineering program:  

Words To Live By

"ELE" or "Everybody Love Everybody" - Jackie Moon

This is a quote I take in action because there is a lot of hate and judging. When someone judges someone else without even talking to them based on just how they look, I respond with a simple "ELE". Life is too short to spend it being against other people.

Role Model

I haven't really had a specific role model in my life. I've taken what my parents have told me and my own personal experiences and have decided what kind of person I want to be. You could say my biggest role model is myself. People are always saying they want to be the next (insert idol here) but I want to be the first Carter Biellier.


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