Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Char Inman


Alexander Graham Bell

The significance of the telephone was to revolutionize businesses and personal communication by being able to communicate from different rooms and from long distances. It is also significant because you could give other people directions from a different room in the same building.


Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison's First Phonograph

The significance of Thomas Edison's phonograph was that it recorded sound. It also was the start of recording music which later lead to mp 3 players and other music playing devices. This was Thomas' third successful invention.   


Christopher Sholes And His First Typewriter.

The significance of the typewriter was to help businesses. After a while it was used for others who wanted to write and send letters more proper and faster. It then lead to women getting more jobs as being secretaries.  

The Light bulb-1879

Thomas Edison Holding His First Light Bulb.

Inventing the light bulb was significant because it eliminated the dependence of  candles and oil lamps. It also made it easier to travel around in your own home at nights. It was also safer to have light bulbs instead of the oil lamps because they tended to catch fire very easily.

Gasoline Powered Automobile-1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The significance of inventing the gasoline powered automobile was

Handheld Camera-1888

George Eastman
The First Hand Held Camera Made by George Eastman

The significance of the first hand -held camera

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