Welcome To Egypt!

By: Brielle B.


Here in Egypt It is warm or hot all year round. It is usually hot and humid in the summer months, and moderate in the winter months. The geography here is mainly desert, and has lots of hills and sand dunes. A sand dune is basically a hill of sand.


Here in Egypt our lifestyle is mainly law, and some religion. We can not eat or even get pork, that is the law and religion. Women have to wear headscarves, and cover almost their whole body. The only thing the women don't have to cover are their face and hands. All of these are laws that you would get in trouble with the police if you didn't follow them.

Example of a type of headscarfs.

Holidays In Egypt

Here in Egypt we also celebrate Christmas an Easter, just like you do in America. The way we celebrate may be a little different though. We celebrate those holidays because there are Christians here. One we celebrate here that you don't in the USA is Revolution Day. That is celebrated because there was a great revolution in 1952.

Country History

There has previously been some religious violence between Muslims and Christians. Including Muslims burning down Christian churches. There has also been protests against the government.

This is what the protest were like.

The languages of Egypt

In Egypt the main language is Arabic, just like in "A Long Walk To Water". Although there are other languages spoken in Arabic to. Arabic can be very confusing because if you are learning to speak and write it it is hard because you don't write the same as you do in english. It is hard in the same way Chinese is it has something like characters when you write it.


The main religion in Egypt is Muslim, but there is also Christians, and a few other. There is a huge difference though, it is about 90% Muslim population, 9% Christians and 1% other mixed religions. As mentioned earlier there has been religious violence before in Egypt.

Schooling In Egypt

In Egypt children have to go to school from ages 6 to 15. The education system is trying to close the gap between the number of boys to the number of girls starting school. That means they are trying to get more girls going to school because right now there aren't very many.

What You Might Like About Egypt

Some things you might like to see are The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt. You might also like to try all the local foods like bean cakes on egyptian flatbread and Kushari is a national food that has pasta, tomato sauce, and many other things. You could also throw some education in and visit the ancient Egyptian tombs, and learn about the mummifying process, why they did it, and who they did it to. If you are into those types of things Egypt is a perfect place for you.


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