The people who studied this body have done a lot.  They have looked at bones. They have completed an autopsy and everything. They are starting to lose time because they have found the start of deterioration in his bones and joints.  

Ötzi's History

He lived around 3,300 B.C. and he died when he was about 45 years old which was old back in the day. He was found in the Alps. between the border of Austria and Italy. He was known for being the worlds longest natural preserved man of the copper age.They found an arrow shaft wound in his shoulder. Also they found cuts on his wrist. They could not heal before his death. They believe now that he died by a blow to the head. Also they thought maybe from blood loss, hunger, or even the cold. A shock is that "the ice man"  has 19 living relatives. This man had several health issues such as parasitic worms. In turn he had Lyme disease. Another thing found interesting was that he was inked in other words he had a ton of tattoos on his body.

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