Czech Republic

Zachary Husted

In Czech Republic there is an estimate of at least  10.7 million people. It is ranked number 82 for worlds most people. The life expectancy  in Czech Republic is a total of 78years old. If your a man, your normal life expectancy would be 75 years old and if your a woman, your life expectancy would be about 81 years old. Also,  the poverty rate of  Czech Republic is around 9%. In Czech Republic the unemployment is about 8% of the people. Another thing, in Czech Republic 75% of people use some sort  of internet. In Czech Republic there is 259.8 billion dollars for the gross national product. So as it may looks, some challenges they may face would mainly be the technology there, not as many people use it there compared to America which has 81% so they could catch up a little more with that. There isn't too many big problems here just minors that they could fix like lower unemployment. Some background information about Czech Republic would be  food, Czech Republic eats a diet usually of a lot of meat like pork, beef. They also eat things like organs. Some organs would be liver, kidneys and brains, also tongue. The meat is topped with gravy and then eaten with dumplings, cabbage or potatoes. They eat vegetables daily, like carrots, peas, and cabbage. They also really enjoy their sweets such like fruit dumplings. Some other things would be music. There is no definite music that everyone listens too because music in Czech Republic is popular. The language they speak is Czech so the same as their country name. The religion in Czech Republic is Roman Catholic which is  28%, Protestant with 2%, other types 3%, and unspecified 8%, and lastly, unaffiliated with 59%. Lastly, their government is a democracy.

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