The Great Parts Of A River

This tackk was made by Cadet E.Rodriguez-Medina

The San Francisco Bay is important because it's used to ship goods,food,and etc.

Great Basin

Great Basin: A watershed where the water doesn't slow into the ocean. Example: The Great Salt Basin is in the Great Basin.

The Great Salt Lake is a Great Basin.

Floodplain: Relativity flat land adjacent to a river channel that's underwater when a river floods.


This is an image of the Zambezi River floodplain in Zambia,Africa.


This is an image of the Mississippi Watershed in the United States Of America.

Watershed: Area of high water,to low water,that empties out into a bigger body of water.


Iskut River flowing into the Stikine River that leads into the Sacred Headwaters

Headwaters: A tributary stream of a river close to or forming part of it's source.


This is an image of Wagner Falls in Munising,Michigan.

Source: Where the water begins.

Mouth/or Delta

This is an image of the Mississippi River mouth/delta

Mouth/Delta: The end of a river,and an opening of a river out into the ocean.

Down River

This is an image of The Lower Lewis River that is going downriver.

Down River: Toward or situated at a point near the mouth of a river.


This is an image of some of the tributaries that Rio Pinquen has

Tributary: A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake.


Above you see a video this video will show you a few people crossing the divide on the Danube River.

Divide: Separates the watersheds from one another.

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