The Road to the Civil War

-Social movement that aims to make gradual change in certain aspects of society. It included:

  • Women Suffrage Movement
  • Education Reform
  • Social Reform   
  • Mental Illness/ Asylum   
  • Anti Slavery Movement

-It helped get equality, and change for that specific group of people or thing

-The reforms gave the North and advantage in war, with the women in the factories helping to make goods, and also the South didnt support education so it was a disadvantage having uneducated soliders in war

Reform Movements

-Belief in the 19th century that expansion of west is justifies and inevitable

-It helped to expand the US nation, and it offered a self-advancement, self-sufficency, and freedom to the people

-It caused disputes between the North and South when new states wanted to be added over slavery in those states

Manifest Destiny

-Law passed in the Compromise in 1850 that gave slave owners in the South legal right to get their slave(s) if they escape to freedom

-It was a contributor in the division between the north and south and was a catalyst for the Civil War

-It satisfied the South but the North made state laws to help protect them

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

-Book written by Harriet Beacher Stowe, that painted a picture on life for a slave in the south

-It woke the Norths eyes up to the horror of slavery

-Helped lay the ground work for the Civil War

-Lincoln told Stowe "You have single handled started this war"

-This work made slavery a moral issue

Uncle Tom's Cabin

-Created territories for settlement in Kansas and Nebraska for settlement and

-Repealled the Missouri Compromise

-It further divided the North and south over slavery in the states and power they would have in DC

Kansas Nebraska Act

-Decision that said a free man dragged to slavery was not free

-It showed the corruption and unfairness for African Americans in the Law

-It showed the people the unfairnes or laws and how wrong black people are treated

Dred Scott Decision

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