My hobby

My hobby is football aka soccer.
I play it with my friends when its warm outside. In porvoo there are two football fields where we play usually and have fun. I would like to learn how to do the ''rabona shot'' and i will train and hopefully succeed in it this summer. YOU WILL NEED A FOOTBALL TO PLAY FOOTBALL AND YOU WILL NEED FRIENDS UNLESS YOU WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL ALONE. ME AND MY FRIENDS HAVE NO RULES BUT DONT BE RUDE AND DONT KICK ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON PURPOSE :) I LIKE IT BECAUSE IT IS FUN :) AND DONT START IT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT BUT YOU CAN PLAY IT WITH UR FRIENDS AND YOU WILL SEE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT:) IF YOU ARE NOT OLD THEN I SUPPOSE YOU CAN PLAY IT IF YOU WANT TO.

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3 years ago