The University of Iowa

Why I Have Chosen To Be A Hawkeye!!

I have wanted to attend the University of Iowa for as long as I can remember. I was born on the college campus, grew up around the college, and am huge Iowa sports fan. The University of Iowa has a medical school that is ranked in the Top Five in the U.S. I am in pursuit of a Biology and Mathematic Degree with a minor Psychology to be able to get into The University of Iowa Carver Medical School o become a Physicians Assistant. This is not the only reason I have chosen this school. Since leaving Iowa, I have missed out on a majority of my families lives. I want to reconnect and be a bigger part in the 70+ of my cousins lives. Not only am I going to Iowa for the education and my family, but I am also have a job working with the football team as an equipment personal (and Iowa is the #2 party school in the US but no big deal). With my awesome job, great educational opportunities, great social events, and my family, my stay at Iowa will be very memorable and I cannot wait to start!

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