Google's Tricks

It can help you with a lot of different things

Google does Math

Simply type in what the problem is that you want awnsered and Google does the rest.

Google does Unit conversion

Google also does unit conversions and for anything. Currency, Temperature, Weight etc.

Google does Definitions

Lastly, Google can give translations and definitions into many different languages. Simply type what does ........ Mean

Using Keywords

Using certain vocabulary such as, "and" and "or" to get more or less search results. The word "and" will bring up only things with mentioning both cats and dogs while if you use the word or, it will bring up both individually.

You Can Just Mess With It In Many Ways

There are also a lot of ways to just have fun with Google. Such as using Google gravity. Or do a barrel roll, this makes the screen flip. One more that you can do is search Google Pac-Man. Google has many differnt things to mess with and still get what your trying to get done DONE.

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