zachary pulliam      MRS SANDERS

                  My  rocken' Summer !

My amazing adventure  on                                                   A     cruise!  
it  Was The  Best Vacation     EVER !



my Favorite    thing was
Going to  see   lots of  movies .

this Summer  i saw  lots of movies and went on a one  week  cruise.

then i spent a whole week with my family at broken bow ,   Oklahoma .

the last thing i did was get ready for school which   made me angry, until i realized i was wrong it was  awesome    !!!

Favorite Things

* My daily activity was   swimming.

* The place to be is the Bahamas

* The person to see is all my friends and family.

* The best movies were the fluffy movie, guardians of the galaxy,
Lucy,   Hercules , and  dawn of the planet of the apes.

* Moment overall was hearing I got to go on a cruise with my friend, my face was so surprised.

* The great song was happy
Because it rocked my summer.

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