Rules of society

Jonas's society

Rules  in Society

All rules and laws are necessary, because in Jonas society without  rules or laws  then there wouldn't be anything. People wouldn't be able to have jobs, birthdays, or no kids at all .Which luckily they have these rules so they can have jobs ,birthdays and at least 2 kids to have. Also without rules people wouldn't know what to do because there used to having rules .

All rules and laws are not fair to all people in Jonas society .That is because some people would want more than 2 kids .That is because two kids aren't enough for some parents .Also how they  have birthday all in one day ,which is crazy because everyone should celebrate their birthday when there born .Another reason is because not everyone can see color only black and white except Jonas. However,  people should have freedoms of what to see how not to see.

To the people who don't follow the rules in Jonas  society ,they will get a consequence ,released ,
or disciplined .They would be cut of off the school or job that they have. There parents would be involved too which will cause more tension and consequences .In Jonas society they would have these type of consequences were you would get released or token out and your life would just be hard without school.

Yes all consequences are fair .There fair because if you don't have consequences then people in Jonas community would not be good .There wouldn't understand anything in life that is going on. Also people wouldn't know what to do so they would be unrealistic .So if people in Jonas community have rules they would understand what is going on and what to do and not to get released and know what there life is going on there. It would really help control people in Jonas society .

Yes, rules or laws can be changed because only the community changes that and makes the decision. Jonas has a gift of seeing things that no one can see and he has memories but his not the community person to make the rules and change them .Only the community can change those rules or laws ,but for now there good for some people .So which makes the rules to  be the same .

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