Steve Jobs-By Murad M. & Ben C.

Technological Innovation Hero.

           *Accomplishments*                    (Includes him helping people & his personal accomplishments)

  • People have came to an understanding that Steve Jobs was an anonymous philanthropist that had donated money to charities for the poor.
  • Had influenced the ways of technology that allows the government to benefit in protecting it's people in new weaponry and new ways for looking for weapons at airports.
  • He helped innovate technology by allowing doctors being able to find and cure diseases through computers and machines.
  • He Saved people through technology by creating labor saving products that saves people time and money.
  • He had influenced the whole world through technology by helping the world find new ways of travel, protection, and new jobs for people.
  • In 1980 Steve Jobs launches the Apple Corporation to the public.
  • He Had created and designed one of the first computers and he had created the first touch screen devices.
  • He had became a hero to many when he had created more than 34,000 jobs for the people of the U.S.
  • As he passed away people had truly believed he had advanced the world in his image through technology.


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