PASRR/LOC Training

Presents PASRR/LOC Process: The Basics and Beyond-Admission and Readmission Requirements for Ohio Medicaid Nursing Facilities. This course is approved for 10 Ohio Social Worker, Nursing and CCM CEU's. Also approved for 5 CEU's for LNHA's in Ohio (It is 10 weeks, 1 hour per week but BENHA only allows 5 Ceu's for Home Study Programs) This is our 4th training on this course and it goes from 3/1/14 to 5/3/14.

It has been updated to include the New Ohio PASRR & LOC Rules For answers to questions such as;
-What is required for an emergency admission?
-What is needed for a valid Hospital Exemption?
-Is a PAS needed for a Readmission?
-What is a RR/ID?
And many others!

We have developed a new process for our PASRR/LOC Home Study Course. For those of you who are interested, it is set it up as a ten week course. Each week we will email a section of the course to participants (about an hour worth of material) with 5 questions to review. You can either answers the questions on a weekly basis or wait until the end to answer all of the questions. We thought this would be a fun way to learn the material in a slow paced method and earn CEU credit.
The topics of the course include;

1. The History and Meaning of PASRR
2. Admission requirements for community admissions
3. Admission requirements for hospital admissions
4. Out of state admissions
5. Hospital Exemption information and scenarios
6. Requirements for NF to NF transfers
7. Medicaid bed hold day information and scenarios
8. Vendor payment information and requirements
9. LOC (Level of Care) criteria
10. PASRR screen completion and diagnoses for each section

** For questions about this study program, you can reach us at

Beginning on March 1, 2014 we will email a section of the course (About 1 hour worth of material to review) out to each participant with 5 true/false questions to review for the section. Each Saturday (until 5/3/14) for ten weeks the same process will occur. We offer two options to complete the post test questions- 1. The participant can answer the 5 weekly post test questions and email the answers back week or, 2. After the last section of the course is emailed, the participant can complete the full 50 question True/False- Post Test and Evaluation Form. Once you complete the Post Test and Evaluation you will fax that paperwork back to us. After we receive the weekly post test answers or the completed post test and evaluation, you will receive your CEU Certificate for 10 CEU's or 5 CEU's for LNHA.
To sign up for this course, please complete and mail this form to;,Ltd.
March 1, 2014 PASRR/LOC Class
188 Brush Rd Richmond Hts, OH 44143

The cost for this course is $69.00/1 person, $59.00/per person for group of Five or more participants. Please make check payable to,Ltd.

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