Exploration Proposal

Carson The 8th Proposal For his Journey to the New World

Dear The Great and powerful Charles V,            

           You should invest in my journey for many reasons.  First, I am a very experienced sailor and can best many of the hardships of the unforgiving journey.  Second, I will be bringing back an abundance of natural resources that we currently lack.  Lastly, I will colonize more of the new world for EspaƱa!  The rough waters can be overcame by a good sailor (me), starvation, solved by having tons of food, and sea sickness solved by a sturdy boat supplied by you. I'm not the only European who is traveling to the New World, but I'm Certainly the best! All the other explorers are just focusing on gold, and since the demand is so high there is probably only a little left.  What I am focusing on is the simple abundance of natural resources that neither England, or France is looking for.  If I see any other Europeans or Natives, I will either ignore them or trade with them, and will avoid any physical violence.  I plan to leave November 8th, 1557, and now all I need is a boat and some food.  Experience is on my side, because I have traveled to many places for trading.  I have already gotten many eager volunteers for the trip and now just need your funds. 


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