This picture really isn't just of me but this is mainly or varsity soccer team. I really enjoy playing soccer i play for two teams now one is my schools team and the other is a really good club team.  Actually this weekend i have two games in Ohio for my club team and 1 game in town for my school! I always say "i don't know why i play soccer because i can't" well that's not true. I really do know how to play soccer i just think i am not that good at it but i was a starting freshman for the varsity team and i start for the club team i play for so i guess i am pretty good.

Three Things about me


Bmx.. yes i race bmx i have been racing for about 9 years now. I started a year or two after my brother did and have been doing it ever sense. No this picture is not of me but i have wrecked a little close to what that looks like and yes it is PAINFUL!! But sadly i think this year is gonna be my last year doing it because i have soccer to worry about and it just kinda bores me anymore.. If i would go up to the track to race it would be just to see my friends and local races only. I have been 2nd in the state of Pennsylvania. What do i mean by 2nd in state you are probably wondering, well i mean i took 2nd in my 15 age division for girls.  State races are a lot A LOT harder then little local races or even state qualifiers.  


I don't know what about it is about it but man do i love it!! Everyday, every game, and  every practice i will have it no matter what. I would have to say my favorite flavors are lemon-lime, orange, fruit punch, and rain berry its the light purple one. I just stock up on it like every week because i have 2 practices a week and usually games on the weekend, and i will also drink them at night time before i go to bed or something.


Mudding. I love going mudding with my best friend and her family, they are pretty much my second family. I love when i get to drive cause if you really wanna get muddy you can't just drive through the mud you have to fly and turn your tiers. But you gotta know where you are going and now it well cause if you don't know you could go into a mud pit to deep and it isn't fun to get out.


  • One goal i have is to get a lot more leg muscle for soccer - Going to the gym more and having leg days and running more.
  • Do better in school - To start paying attention and doing my work and getting everything done.
  • To keep growing my hair out - by keeping my hair healthy and keeping it down a lot more so it doesn't keep dying every time i pull it up.

I would like to visit

I would love to visit Miami, Florida.... I would just like to go for the nice weather and relax. I would also like to go just to see how pretty the sunsets and sun rises are. When i am there that's if i go i would want to go to Miami beach!

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