The Wheel

This invention changed history and the world. I allowed faster and more convenient transportation. It allowed new ways to transport things and it made it easier.

I chose the wheel for my poster

Cars, bicycles, motor cycles, ATV's were all made and became available because of the wheel.

As far as historical events go. The car and bicycle were history changing inventions that changed transportation forever. Also wheels were eventually made for airplanes. Which allowed for safe take off and landing.

The wheel started off as rock and wood. Over thousands of years it was reinvented into rubber, metal, and aluminum frames that allowed for more durable models. New innovations were also made for traction and controlling what ever vehicle you were riding in.

Economy: The wheel affected the cars and vehicles people operated. It till this day affects every mean of transportation in certain ways. For example a boat. Well a boat cant get to the ocean without wheels. Car companies and even wheel based companies sell millions of dollars worth of rubber and models. Which boost the economy.

Environment: Well the wheel is a amazing invention, but in reality kills the environment everyday. Not necessarily the wheel itself but the roads we build in order to use the wheel. Also the wheel is beneficial. People who want to clean the environment up need transportation to get to their destination in some way. So its like it cancels out each other.

Culture: Wheels are used in almost every culture. It allows work to get done faster. In ways it can affect culture. I can't think of any except for the fact that in order to make the wheel resources must be used. People may not want strangers coming onto their land and harvesting it to make things.

Politics: The wheel doesn't affect politics. But making highways and roads to use the wheels on do. People must come to a decision if they need a road here or there. It's not a simple process. Millions of dollars are pored into it which affects our economy as well.

Society: It affects peoples lives everyday. Either leading to deaths or fast traveling. It allows  people to make it to their jobs so they can carry on their everyday lives.

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