The Grand Canyon has many biotic and abiotic factors in it.


  • cactus
  • Small fish
  • Green/black Beatles
  • Hawks
  • Tall grass


  • Water
  • Dry soil
  • Rocks
  • Air
  • Sun

Carrying capacity

For the population to live they need water food space shelter

The population as in the hawls will increase depending on the amount of water and smaller birds. Water is needed on the plates the small amount of grass.

limiting  factors

limiting factors is factors that limits the growth of a population in a ecosystem. As in




If there is a decrease in the hawks then the lizards will increase causing the cactus to decrease that can all effect on the water in the canyon.

Energy roles

Producers: cactus,grass

consumers: hawks,birds,lizards,


producers are very important in the canyon because with out cactus or other producers the animals depending on them will die out.

food chains/webs

food webs shows/gives a diagram on your ecosystem to show you what the producers and consumers are. A food chain will only show you one part or a small part of producers an a consumer.

food  pryamids

If the lizards were gone the hawks  would die out and there would be no animal eating the beetles an over time there would be an over flow of beetles and an limiting amount of cactus.

This is shaped as a pyramid or triangle because it shows the bottom being the biggest that has the most energy as it goes up the pyramid it loses energy or has less an less energy as you  go all the way up.


formula is CO2+H2O+sun energy+C6H12O6+O2

this makes oxegen for other organisms an is make by taking in energy from the sun and carbon dioxide

the plant lets out oxygen:

The bottom is the producers  they have the most energy because they make their own food that gives them more energy. The top with the consumers that has less energy because they have eaten the producers an the producers have used most of the energy that they had for their bodies.


tropism is a turning or bending movement of an organism towards or away from an external stimulus as light heat or gravity.

cactus is an geotropism because it grows towards and away from the earth.


decomposers are very important to producers  if there was no decomposers the plats would have a very had time to grow and the consumers would end up dieing out. But when the consumers die the decomposers take care of them an get rid of the dead things laying around. Good thing decomposers get rid of them if not the world would be a very ugly an not very good smelling place.

you would find:



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You're going to add to photosynthesis, right? Looks good so far, but one technical issue... the Grand Canyon isn't an ecosystem. A desert is, though... hint hint.