Aquarium design

Aquarium's volume

    We choose  an 18.225 gallon tank, which is small because it is more suitable for the fish. The length of the tank is 30,width of 10 and the height of 14. When you do 30 x 10x 14 is equals 4,200 in. To convert 4,200 in you need to cube 12 which equals 1,728 next you need to divide 1,728 by 4,200 and you will get 2.43ft cubed is 7.5 gal. To get the volume in gallons you have to multiply 2.43 by 7.5 and you will get 18.225 gal.


      The volume of the tank is 18.225 gallons and one bag of gravel is 1.5 pounds. To figure out how much gravel we needed we multiplyed 18.225 × 1.5 and we got a total of 27.34 lbs of gravel. The volume of the gravel was 600in. To get that answer we multiplyed the length (30), the width (10) and the height of the gravel (2). 30×10×2=600, so the volume of the tank  is 600in , and 6 bags  of gravel are needed to fill the bottom of the tank.


      The two types of fish we got were mikey mouse platys and long fin red minor tetra. Both fish have to be in 10+ gallon tanks and live in 72-82°f water. The mikey mouse platy is active, peaceful, and mix well with community fish. The long fin red minor tetra mix well with community fish and are peaceful wih community fish, but can be aggressive at times.


     We got a number 1002 filter for small tanks, a heater and a small fluorescent light. We got blue gravel with a corkscrew and begonia plant. The last of the decorations include a tree root, asian pagoda and tall drift wood.


      The total of the fish was 2a+2b=$9.98. The Mickey Mouse platy fish were $1 a piece and we got two. The long fin red minor tetra were $3.99 each and we got two. The tank was $150 and we got 6 bags of gravel for 5.50 each and the total of that was $33. The filter was $55, the heater was $36, and the light was $40. The corkscrew plant was $1.50 each and we got 4 which had a total of $6, the begonia plant was $4.00. We got 2 tree roots for $20 with a total of $40, the Asian pagoda was $25, and the tall drift wood was $40. The total of all the products was $438.98 and staying within the budget of $700.

                                         Victoria Neri and Austin DeVos

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