Standing On Our Heads at AHS PD

Moving Mr. Williams Into the 21st Century

  • At least once per week Mr. Williams is going to learn something new about technology
  • Mrs. Reed will only be allowed to check Mr. Williams e-mail once a week, he must check it daily.
  • Mr. Williams will write his own agendas in ECHO, Mr. Mac will be paid $100 to take his wife out if Mr. Williams does not learn more technology than he did last year.
  • Mr. Williams will be fined $1 per week for noncompliance which will go into Mrs. Ruble's emergency Dr. Pepper fund.

Since we thoroughly outlined the changes Mr. Williams is going to undertake in the bulleted list and he feels that the learning curve is steep enough, we are going to talk about our summer.

We both set individual exercise goals. Mrs. Ruble set a weight loss goal that she did not meet, but will continue until she meets it. Both of us increased our exercise routines, but not to the extent that we wanted too. We are going to continue working hard to meet our goals and we are going to hold each other accountable.

Some things that you might not know about us:

Mr. Williams is the only student in his high school graduating class that has both of his parents still living.

Mrs. Ruble is becoming an expert at remodeling and will soon be building a shower from scratch in her newly remodeled bathroom.

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