Ancient Egypt Meets Google Drive

Essential Questions

What might it have been like living in Ancient Egypt?

In this lesson, you will read facts about Ancient Egypt and write a diary describing your life there. The diary has been started for you. You will use a Google Docs template.  You will add text to complete the diary, add images you find using your advance image search skills, and format the text to make your diary a personal expression of you.

1. Explore the Thinglink image below.

2. Complete the Google Docs diary by following the directions on the To Do numbers one through four. Make sure you "share" and make your document Public.

3. Copy the url link of your Google Document and paste in the comments below to turn in your assignment.

4. After you turn in your assignment, go to the For Fun side of the Thinglink. Play a game and find your way through an ancient tomb, make your own mummy, write your name in hieroglyphs, and listen to Ancient Egyptian music.