Bill of Rights

1 -  The 1st Amendment says that citizens have the right to speech, religion, press, and the right to gather or assemble.

2 - The 2nd Amendment says that the United States should have a well formed and regulated militia.

3 - The 3rd Amendment places a restriction on the housing of soldiers in private homes.

4 - The 4th Amendment says that all citizens have the right to be secure in their house against unreasonable secures.

5 - The 5th Amendment says that no person shall be accounted for a capital or infamous crime without a grand jury.

6 - The 6th Amendment says that a person has the right to a speedy trial by jury.

7 -  The 7th Amendment says that the value of controversy shall exceed 2o dollars and means the right by trial of a jury shall be preserved.

8 -  The 8th Amendment says that it protects the rights of a citizen from cruel, unusual, and harsh punishment for no reason.

9 - The 9th Amendment says that it addresses the rights to the people and are to be retained to the people.

10 - The 10th Amendment says that the Federal Government shall posses only those powers delegated to it by the Constitution so there will be a equal share of power.

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