Marketing Mix

The 4 P's


Coca Cola is the company that meets the 4 p's just perfectly. The coca cola FB page has over 26million fans, which is quite a big promotion. Coca Cola has more than 10,450 products to sell.


Coca cola is very cheap but a very nice drink, and this is why a lot of people tend to buy it


Coca Cola is found in a lot of places that we go to, even online, buses, train stations, billboards, celebrity endorsement, trucks, etc. This is what also makes Coca Cola such a famous soft drink brand.


As well as promotion being found everywhere, Coca Cola is found in many places, mainly supermarkets, local shops, leisure places, vending machines, etc.


Coca Cola offers 10,450 products, which does not only include Coca Cola drinks. Coca Cola also own Fanta and Sprite and possibly other products! Coca Cola have different flavours to offer which makes people wanting to buy their product even more.