Elle T.

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What makes me the happiest

My friends make me the happiest because they always know how to cheer me up even when I'm not in a good mood. I have some that have been there from the start, and some that I've recently become close with. But they all make me happy for just being there for me.

Where I was born and moved

I was born in Bellevue, Washington after my mom, dad, and brother moved there from Billings, Montana. We stayed there for about a year until we moved to Liberty Lake. When we move here, my family stayed in the same house for about 4 years until my parents got divorced. From there, I've lived in between my dad's house (South Hill) and my mom's house (Liberty Lake).

My Deepest Fear

My #1 fear is heights. I hate everything about them. But for some reason i don't mind flying in airplanes thousands and thousands of feet above the ground. Whenever I am in a tall building I will be either shaking or holding on to something close to me until my knuckles turn white. Honestly I don't know why I developed this fear but I have always been afraid of heights.

The song(s) I listen to on repeat

The song I listen to on repeat are anything from Hoodie Allen's album "People Keep Talking". Lately this is the only album/songs that I have been listening to!

What you will always consider to be your home

My home away from home is Montana. Specifically, Billings, Gardiner, and Missoula. All of my family is from Montana, so every year we go to visit them. Both my mom and dad's family lives here, so depending on the year we go 2 or more times every year. I know this state almost as much as I know Washington.

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