My emotions

This makes me happy

What makes me happy is when i play games cause it makes me loose all of my stress and anger.

This makes me laugh

This gut right here is one funny comedian he all ways makes me laugh so hard that you would think that i was crying

This makes me feel good

i like sleeping cause im always tired but i sleep 7

this makes me feel helpful

One way I can feel helpful is when I help old people do something that they aren't able to do but I am able to do.

This makes me sad

The reason this makes me sad is because it is not fun to see one of your family members our famous actors.

This makes me scared

I will say this is probably the most way you can get scared even if a snake is dead and its muscles are still moving i get scared

This makes me feel thankful

I'm thankful for god the heavenly farther.

This makes me feel important

I like going up to my friends and making funny faces behind there back

This makes me feel angry

I get angry when I see bullying cause I know how it feels and how bad it can her that person.

This makes me have hope

What makes me have hope is that I will be able to do my dream job

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