Why does the world need good people?

   We need good people for many reason first to show others right from wrong or others serve for our freedom. We need more good people in this world if there were nothing but bad people, then the world would be a disaster and we probably wouldn't exist.

    What i mean as they show us from right or wrong is that some people but there life's in danger for others and there even strangers. Other good people do basic things as in pick up trash they see even if it's not there's or they donate to the poor or they give all there old clothes to a orphanage. That's what i mean were they show us right from wrong its basic but it is something good. Other people go out there way to be a good person they ether serve in the military or there ether firefighters, cops etc. They put there life's on the line for us and were stranger's.

     Imagine them not existing at all, if they didn't exist i bet the world would be upside down. All the good people make our world what it is today they also give us another day at life. They protect us from the bad and they always will that's why we have to be thankful that they exist and not take advantage of them. As long as the good people live there should be less bad people because there gonna wake up one day and there gonna wanna be hero's not life destroyers.

    Now lets imagine a world with nothing but bad people. Lets say that there more bad then good. First of all i don't think we would even be alive right now i think the bad would take over and turn the world into something else. If bad people were to take over there wouldn't be a such thing as people being safe. There would be so many terrorist attacks and people robbing ether stores or each other. There would probably also be fights over dum things.

      So lets thank god and all the good people that exsit we owe everything to them. They will always keep us safe by doing the right thing and showing the bad right from wrong, some might get it but at least there more people understanding the good and not the bad.