By: Miranda Gusman

LDL: Low density lipoprotein, bad cholesterol, increase risk of plaque buildup

HDL: High density lipoprotein, good cholesterol

The concentrations of LDL and HDL help evaluate a persons health status.

LDL is one of the ways arteries clog. Triglycerides is in the bloodstream as will as cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides could be cause of heart disease.

Lipoprotein are monitored along with LDL and HDL

Cholesterol levels are milligrams per declare of blood (mg/dL)

Ways LDL and HDL can change are from exercising, maintaing a healthy diet, smoking

Eating saturated fat and trans fat rises your blood cholesterol more than your body naturally does

Eating unsaturated fat can improve blood cholesterol levels  


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