by mackenzie

Werewolves are like the leaders of the forest and woods and maybe the swamps but they are all over London and some are in north America and few remain in china. Most werewolves like to hunt alone and most of them hunt deer, pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys and maybe cats. They eat more then just those animals. The Golden Sari werewolf is the most deadliest animal on earth. They can run faster than race car or a train.   

The golden sari werewolf facts

This werewolf has nice golden slick fur that will turn into metal if threatened. They run up to 300mph and they can run that fast for at least 2 days with no food or water. They can last a week with no food or water. They can be tamed but its very rare for them to be tamed as pets or guards. People call them the golden devil its self. They can be found in the Midwest of the untied states. Only 100 of them exist. Most of them were rather hunted or somehow just disappeared. Some say that they went underground and living underground. Maybe thats why most of them are not seen. They have very sharp teeth that can rip though anything. Most people can't get away the killer beast. Its a 50% that someone will get attacked by the werewolf. Nothing can kill them not even a silver bluet. since they get stuck in nets and traps the hunter might call animal control. but really? Is there a mass extinction going on for these werewolves? Nobody knows why they are disappearing out of no where. They have red eyes so when you see red eyes in the woods its a golden sari werewolf. If you stay still they might ignore you because they might think your a statue of some-sort. If you move and try to run away it might think your going to get a hunter or something. So it might chase after you or just might ignore you. if you go out at night and bring raw bloody meat one will come but he/she will stair at you for at least 10 secs. if you bring a weapon drop it on the ground and kick it a few feet away. The werewolf might sit down and come up to you slowly and have its mouth open getting ready to eat the treat. after its done it might walk up to you again and cough up part of the raw meat. They will make you eat it by just starring at you until you eat it. It might turn its head in a way that it knows it can trust you. After one is tamed he's your friend forever.            

a Golden sari werewolf walking in the snow going back home.