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Submitting your CCC assignment in 3 simple steps

150 words abstract is right here...

1. Put your assignment online

First, upload your assignment to a location on the internet that can be accessed publicly. For example, you can publish your assignment on your own blog or you can use Tackk (like I do now). Make sure that the formatting of your post is eye friendly and that the post is available for at least the time of the current term.

Note: if you don’t sign into a free Tackk account, your post will auto-delete after about a week, so get an account if you choose to use Tackk. Make sure you avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. It is recommended to write your text in your standard word processor and copy and paste it into the online editor of your choice.

2. Suggest to Learnist

Second, add your report to the Learnist board that corresponds to your section. If you are in section 1, use, and if you are in section 2, use

Adding your assignment to Learnist will allow your class mates to learn from your insights, and vice versa. Use your 150 words abstract as a brief description of your topic on Learnist. Also make sure to add any author information (e.g., your names and your twitter handle) you feel comfortable to publish. After all, this is your contribution not only to our class and your classmates, but to the world.

In order to get your assignment on Learnist, you have to select "+add to this board" and select "Add from a URL". See image below:

3. Submit by email

Third, email the instructor the original web address of your assignment as well as the name of the contributors. Attach the text of your assignment (without any videos, but with images and your name) as a separate file for word-count purposes.

Only if you completed all three steps by the specified deadline (see Class Schedule), your assignment will count as submitted. If you do not want to publish your assignment publicly, please discuss any concerns with the instructor.

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