Tejas Jivan: International Travel Tips

Tejas Jivan has enjoyed the opportunity to travel to a variety of exotic international destinations, and has visited numerous countries, peoples and cultures throughout the course of his lifetime. An experienced international traveler and traveling enthusiast, Jivan continues to take advantage of any and all opportunity to go where the travel bug takes him, and to benefit from an abundance of educational, entertaining and rewarding adventures that continually broaden his horizons and understanding of the known world.

As Tejas Jivan knows, international travel can be an amazing experience, though it can also come with significant and varied challenges that can test the limits of anyone’s patience. This is why he seeks to provide several helpful and basic tips for eliminating hassle and frustration during your next international adventure.


It is, of course important to have the proper identification, passports, etc. prepared and ready when planning your next adventure, though it is also advisable make copies of this documentation so that others know who and where you are at all times. Ensure that people you know and trust have copies of your documentation before boarding your next flight.

Avoid Becoming a Victim

Don’t become the victim of theft or crime during your next trip. Do you best, says Tejas Jivan, to avoid wearing conspicuous jewelry or clothing during your adventure, as well as to carry large amounts of cash or credit cards on you during your trip. Also, be sure to never leave baggage unattended in public areas.

Know Your Destination

It never hurts to be up to speed on the current health, political and social conditions of the place you’re visiting, as well as to know the particular currency, immigration and entry regulations you may face once you’ve arrived.

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