Multicultural and Bilingual Learners

I learned many things when reviewing the links for multicultural and bilingual learners. One thing that stood out to me that I have used before and will use in the future is making an effort to make a new multicultural and or bilingual learner feel welcome with a smile and open body language.  On my  first day of work in a school district I was a middle school para, I was asked by my teacher to show an ELL student how to use her locker and explain to her that she had eight classes and where they were located. I did not know how I was going to communicate these things but I smiled and kept an open body language, which made it easy to talk to her and communicate as much as possible. I was able to help her throughout the year and introduce her to some friends.  It was rewarding watching her learn and grow into a excellent student who could speak almost fluent English. A few more things I learned from the links that I will use in my classroom is having students share their unique experiences, having a library with a variety, use visual vocabulary throughout the classroom, and have new students paired up with a buddy to help transition into a new school. I was really surprised that there were so many helpful teaching resources and tips found for multicultural education.

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