Good-paying jobs for Bachelors

BEING a Bachelor does have its benefits, not the unmarried kind, but the benefit of good job prospects when you have completed three or four years of rigorous study, assignments and exams, and you’re now certified as competent in your discipline or field of learning.

Sometimes, the importance of having a tertiary education is not being taken seriously. Many young people, on leaving high school, get a job serving in a fast food outlet, bathing elephants in a zoo or manning an exhibition booth. The ready cash at the end of each month often tempts them to stick to their work, even if it’s low-paying and requires little skill or intellectual output.

Of course you’re smart, and you think further ahead. You want a career where you give of your best in skill, knowledge and energy, and in return you get personal satisfaction, recognition and a good salary.

For starters, consider enrolling in a Bachelor study programme. No doubt, in the short term, you have to sacrifice the quick wages that you could get serving hot dogs and distributing leaflets in a mall, and you may even go into debt with a study loan. But in the long term, armed with a recognised degree that reflects your interest and abilities, you are likely to land a job that you are keen on, and progressively earn a more comfortable salary.

Life’s unfair, and job interviews are the most unfair of all. Without a Bachelor degree to enhance your resume, nobody would even glance at your application letter, let alone consider you for an interview.

Here’re some jobs that are in demand, and that require at least a Bachelor as the basic entry requirement:

Webmaster and Web manager

The dot-com bubble has come and gone. Web technology has changed and matured and today, every company, every organisation, every ma-and-pop shop, has a Web presence telling the world the marvellous products and services they offer.

Web design, development and deployment are therefore absolutely essential. When a company’s site goes down, even for an hour, it’s big news and bigger embarrassment, attracting all kinds of unkind gossips and speculation.

But producing and managing a Web site requires more than a fair knowledge of HTML coding. A BSc in Information Technology (IT) is a must which also includes management modules, so that a Web manager knows about budgeting, employee relations and strategic planning.

Software Engineer and Developer

This job requires an IT-related degree and a broad knowledge of database management, programming languages and even IT project management. If you go into apps development, you may even hit the jackpot when your app turns out to be what every kid wants to download!

Digital Marketing Manager

This job is in the sunrise category . It is new but as e-commence gains in popularity, the job may become a big revenue generator for your company. You have to be fluent in marketing, advertising and communication fundamentals as well as IT, Web technology and Web user behaviour, and how social media function.

Very few universities today offer specific Bachelors in Digital Marketing, hence employers have to turn to graduates in Mass Communication, Marketing, Advertising, and even Business Studies.

Headhunter and Recruitment Specialist

Another name to describe this HR job is Talent Management. It requires an understanding of human behaviour, social and cultural behaviour and organisational behaviour. Graduates with a Bachelor in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Business Studies or even Sociology, would find this job appropriate.

Nurse and Healthcare Manager

People do get sick or injured, and – this is important to note – they depend mostly on nurses, not doctors, to get well. Doctors diagnose and prescribe medicine and then go to the golf course. The actual treatment – giving injection, cleaning the wound, inserting IV tubes, taking blood sample, even feeding the patient, etc – is all done by nurses and therapists and healthcare attendants.

A spirit of compassion and a nursing degree set you on a path to a lifelong vocation in caring for the sick, the weak and the dying.

Many nurses go on to earn a Master in Public Health, the most desirable post-grad qualification today. With an MPH, they are able to help in running hospitals, homes and related healthcare facilities.

Accountant and Auditor

You manage other people’s money and you need a degree for that! That’s what accountants and auditors are for. Since cash flow is the lifeblood of the company, accountants (also known as treasurers in banks and financial institutions) are needed to ensure the company is viable and continues trading. An accounting degree is not easy to earn but its rewards are immense.

Advertising Copy-writer and Account Manager

Writing knockout lines in ads is the ultimate achievement for a copy-writer. In addition, the copy-writer needs to know how to use words to describe product features, experiences and promises, preferably in a punchy, succinct text chunk that requires no more than five seconds to grasp. Obviously this requires you to learn, internalise and apply the art of communication, usually through a BA in Communications.

On the non-creative side of advertising is the account manager who talks to clients about their advertising needs and recommends suitable print or broadcast media to place their ads. The account manager even acts as project manager for the client’s advertising campaign which can stretch from a week to decades.

Financial Analyst and Economist

A financial analyst also deals with money but unlike an accountant, he or she focuses on business cycles, the general economic health of certain countries or region, market behaviour and even technology trends. Analysts and economists are those with strong Economics and Accounting backgrounds. They work in the public sector and in major corporations and institutions, often in advisory or consultant roles.

A Bachelor degree is a must in today’s global economy. While you will have to do continual learning and upgrading of your knowledge throughout life, the education you received in the university provides you the launchpad.

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