Dr J S Rajkumar’s expertise in combined surgery

I ,Aryan Malik working in Software Company in Chennai as a software programmer.My home town is lucknow, but got job posted in Chennai. My daily routine is so hectic that I get no time to workout. I get overworked and took sleeping pills sometimes but this had negative impact on my health. My roommate told me about the Dr J S Rajkumar expertise in weight loss surgery. I visited Dr J S Rajkumar, he told me that my case needs surgery because there is excess deposition of fat and that deposition cannot be removed by medicine. Dr J S Rajkumar told me about his special method of reducing weight and that method is combined surgery called banded Sleeve. Dr J S Rajkumar told me that the surgical procedure will help me in reducing the size of stomach to 10% of original volume and his results in limiting the food intake to anywhere between 80 to 120 ml. In this procedure the left side of the stomach is surgically removed. Dr J S Rajkumar further explained that unlike bypass surgery there is no re routing or reconnecting of intestines and its far more simpler than the gastric bypassed J S Rajkumar conducted the surgery within a week and now I am free from my obesity. I am really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar.