Analyze the issues surrounding the development of the European Community

By: Brittany Dudley, Andrew Pye and Marianne Duer

Europe was  completely controlled by the Soviets and their communism, and were bound strictly by their rules. Often times, Soviet tanks would crush any resistance if a nation tried to leave the Soviet orbit of operations.

   - People's Republic of China (PRC) was first to stand up to Russia's threats, beginning with disagreements over national interests which then developed into full out dispute

France Under Gaulle

- Charles de Gaulle spoke of his opposition to the two superpowers (USA and Russia) ruling over the world, specifically the European Nations.

- Gaulle believed that France would never regain power due to its dependence on the US for protection from the Soviets. This dependence often caused turmoil because of the issues that the alliance brought.

-Gaulle followed to pursue independence policies by separating from NATO, establishing a nuclear arsenal and denying an agreement to stop testing nuclear devices. He believed that Europe should be a third major power.

- The remainder of Europe did not want to follow France's rash actions.

European countries decided to unite in an economic unity. In doing so, the standard living increased. In addition, there was more independence and political power, including the ability to refuse US on certain issues.

European Union

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