The Indian Rain Dance

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

My Dad used to tell me a lot of crazy stories when I was a kid. One that I am thinking about today is the Indian Rain Dance. "Son, have you heard of the Indian Rain Dance? When there was a drought in Indian lands the elders would get together and appoint someone to do the Rain Dance. They would dance and dance. And you know what, every single time it worked. Every single time that dance ended in rain. Son do you know why the Indian Rain Dance always worked? It worked because the Indian didn't stop dancing until it rained. Hours, days, months…whatever it took to get the rain to come. Those were some bad-ass Indians son!”

That is when I was introduced to the concept of “whatever it takes”. When I am struggling with something that is slow to develop fruit I try to remember that Indian dancing throughout the night as others slept. Dancing in the early morning long before others got up to start their day. I think about that Indian being so focused on that rain that the aches and pains melted away. I think about that Indian hearing others despair and disbelief as the rain didn't show up. I think about that Indian pushing through all of the pain, hate and self-doubt. Now I know that Indian had doubts, I know that Indian wanted to cry out in pain and stop dancing. I know that Indian started to believe the things others were saying. However the one thing that Indian didn't do was stop dancing. When I feel the pains of my own dance I try to envision the rain pouring down on that Indian’s head. I don’t know if that story is true, but for me it is. The dance continues.