Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. By just looking at a picture, you already understand what the picture is trying to say. That is why one of my dreams is to be a photographer. I really love taking pictures and my favorite subject matter is nature. It makes me happy when I take a photo of something and the result of the picture is fine. I was just really an unfortunate one for I don’t have professional cameras. I've dreamed of having one! I’d love to take photos using professional cams because the picture it takes are very realistic. I love how the subject gets dominant in the picture, the light blurring of the background, and everything!

I have mentioned that my favorite subject matter is natural. It’s because I’d like everyone, who will look at my work of art, to know that our nature is beautiful, so beautiful that we cannot let it die or vanish because of our cruel acts. I would love to show the world how beautiful our world is. I thought of doing that by means of photography.

I know being a photographer is expensive. The first thing you need to have is a professional cam which costs up to 30 thousand pesos ONLY. Like, where in the world could I get 30 k right? I’m just a no one with big dreams. What can I do? Nothing. But I promised to myself that when I have my job in the future, I’ll save money to buy SLR. This is one of my dreams and I don’t have any plan of letting it stay as a dream, I’ll make it come true when right time comes.