This Is Me...

High School.

It' tough... Being a teenager and being in high school. Adults.. they act like we're having the time of our lives.. As if it isn't hell.. I guess they just don't remember how it really feels to be a teenager. It sucks.. Feeling unwanted, like you're not good enough. You fall inlove with a boy, and then you end up getting hurt, friends screw you over, parents don't understand you... at all! High school is the time where everyone feels alone at one point or another. You get judged daily by everyone, you get stereotyped into social classes, and then everyone wants to blame society.. "Society sucks"... Yeah, it does. But why does is suck? Because of the PEOPLE! Everyone looks at society as if it's some object... It's not society that sucks, it's all the judgmental people in it that suck. Who the hell gave everyone else the right judge me? I know I didn't. And who gave anyone the right to judge someone just to make them feel better about themselves. I'm sorry everyone must feel like shit about themselves to be willing to bring others down, but that's still no excuse. Everyone goes through it. Being bullied, being picked on, be the target of nasty rumors.. Just know, you're never alone.

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