Ryan J. #whataboutme #kettner32

My greatest fear.

My greatest fear is spiders! I do not like spiders because they are very ugly and they are fast. I also don't like spiders because they crawl everywhere and they have poison in their faces.

My biggest weakness.

My biggest weakness is cats, I love myself some cute cats. Cats are my biggest weakness because they are fluffy and cute. It really gets me when they roll on the floor and look really cute.

Who loves you more than anything in the world?

The organism who loves me the most in this world is my cat Leo. He even loves me more than cat nip. I think he loves me more than anything in the world because, I pet him nicely and I feed him.

The greatest disappointment in my life.

The greatest disappointment in my life is my sister. My sister does not use her head, one day she asked me, "if rocks snowed from the sky would they clear them on the bunny hill". I simply said Abbigail, rocks do not fall from the sky. Another time she asked my brother, "Zach when you drop me and Ryan off at school are you going to drop yourself off first or are you going to drop us off first...."

Why I hated my kindergarten teacher.

I hated my kindergarten teacher, because I always used to take my bug catching equipment and I always got it taken way. One day I brought my net and I was hanging out with my friend Jacob Parker, and we saw a  bee nest and he told me to go catch a bee, so I did as I was told, and my tacher went World Star on me and took my net away! And to this day I have not received any of my old equipment back!

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