Should abortion be a liable option?

Today horrible things are happening to women on a daily basis, hence the choice about abortion. When people hear the term abortions they auto medically think someone is killing their unborn baby. In other words preventing its life. If abortion is considered to be ‘wrong’ what else is wrong that people don’t criticize others for doing? There are other similar things people do on a day to day basis to prevent life.

For example using condoms, isn’t that preventing life? Intentionally using a condom so your partner won’t get pregnant, to me that would seem even worse right; thousands of sperm or ‘unborn’ babies dying. So in the eyes of society it is 'okay' to use protect to prevent  life but its 'not okay' to have an abortion. It isn't fair that women are blamed and accused of 'murdering the innocent' when men practically do the same thing.

Additionally friends, family, and even parents encourage young women to use birth control on a regular basis. Isn’t there some similarity there, girls and women using medication to make sure they don’t get pregnant? In other words  to prevent  life, or even kill one that hasn't even been born yet. Wouldn't you say thats the same thing as abortion?

The definition of a human is

    1. "a person that can be distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien."  

Above is a picture of a 4 week old fetus this is when the highest amount of abortions take place. Can you distinguish that from an anima of "alien"? Abortion is a liable option and it will always be. Maybe you are against abortion but again horrible things are happening to women on a daily basis and most woman can't handle it theres where abortion comes into play. Would you want a child growing up with a parent(s) hating them despising them or growing up without everything they should have and everything they deserve. why bring a child into a world just to suffer?