The Green Leaves

BY:Auburn, Mariska

      What would happen if we added plants to the soil in the stream table?

             We think that the plant roots will hold the soil,but eventually they will wash away.

                                                       Materials tables-2






7.cup with hole

8.liter of water


                                                      Set Up

1.Put both stands in a stack

2.Put an even mixture of soil in each tray and put plants in one of the trays

3.Set stream tables on stacks

4.Put bowls below the holes in tables

5.Put rulers across the top of each tray

6.Put cups with holes leaning on the edge of tray and ruler

7.Pour 1 liter of water in each cup

8.Use mL on the liter cup to measure the sediment in each bowl

9. Pour mL of sediment into bucket and keep track of how much was in each bowl


We noticed that the steam table with the plants absorbed more water then the other steam table,with out plants.

We found this out by using the measurements of the sediment in the bowls.

The steam table with plants absorbed 395 mL of water,and 605 mL dripped into the bowl. On the other hand,the stream table without plants absorbed 397 mL of water,and 603 mL dripped into the bowl.

      We think the plants helped to absorb the water and prevent erosion because the roots held the earth together.We can prevent erosion in our community by planting trees,gardens,plants,etc.