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Letter Of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any reservation that I write this letter for Regina Cadena for a spot in El Paso Community College for physical therapy. Regina is a very creative,responsible person and is determined to do the right thing. She Maintains focus and works well with others .

One of Regina’s best qualities is she always on time and is always focused to make her work the best there is around . She does her own professional work of her own and has her fellow peers asking for help from only her. She takes enjoyment in using the art of physical therapy to help her clients get healthier , reducing the needs for medication. Her knowledge and intelligence helps her succeed in finding new or using old ways to apply her skills to those who feel like they need extra help in their health .. She has the goal of being the best and being successful as she reaches her full potential

Regina is open for new ideas and challenges for her future , ready to conquer any unfortunate events that she may come across. Any college or company would most definitely benefit from her contribution for her talent and determination , making the best of what she needs to do . If you would like to further discuss Regina you may contact me at Lie99@not_true.com or at my phone number 1(234)567-8910

Best Regards,

Matthew Quijas

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy Student

Some Random House

Fake,NT 12345

Tel: 1(234)567-8910

Email: Lie99@not_true.com

Campus History

Community college was established in 1969. El Paso Community College  began as a county junior college district in June 1969, when citizens of El Paso County voted to create the District and elected a seven- member Board of Trustees. EPCC was classified as a correspondent with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools  from its opening until 1973. In 1971, when the College enrolled 901 students, classes were held in the late afternoon and evening at various locations throughout the city. During the summer of 1972, EPCC leased facilities from the United States Army in the Logan Heights area of Fort Bliss. EPCC offered its first continuing education courses in 1972, and 150 students enrolled in the courses. The EPCC credit enrollment reached 5,041 students by Fall 1973. The first of two new campuses, the Valle Verde Campus in southeast El Paso, was completed in time for classes in Fall 1978.

Admission Requirements

Must have a High School Diploma or GED. Applicants must be fully accepted by EPCC as an academic credit student. Must have successfully completed the TSI Assessment Test. Attend a Health Careers Orientation Session or complete it online at  Submit Specialized Admissions Application form and pay $ 10.00 fee.  All academic and specialized courses listed on the degree plan must be completed with a “C” or better. GPA of 2.5 is required.  Students are not allowed to repeat previously passed courses more than once.”

Campus Life

Campus Life provides activities throughout the academic year, and are intended to motivate and increase student understanding of arts, athletics, culture, current events and the community


Degree Plan: Physical Therapist

Prerequisite Semester BIOL 2401

Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 2402

Anatomy and Physiology II MATH 1314

Pre-calculus I College Algebra and Geometry PSYC 2314

Human Growth and Development FIRST YEAR

First Semester PTHA 1225

Communication in Health Care PTHA 1321

Pathophysiology for the PTA PTHA 1309

Introduction to Physical Therapy PTHA 2301

Essentials of Data Collection Second Semester PTHA 1166

Practicum (or Field Experience)- Physical Therapist Assistant I PTHA 1413

Functional Anatomy PTHA 1431

Physical Agents PTHA 2409

Therapeutic Exercise SECOND YEAR

Summer Session ENGL 1301

Expository English Composition PTHA 2266

Practicum (or Field Experience) Physical Therapist Assistant II First Semester PHIL 2306

Ethics PTHA 1491

Special Topics in Clinical Practice for the Physical Therapist Assistant PTHA 2305 Neurology PTHA 2431

Management of Neurological Disorders Second Semester PTHA 2339

Professional Issues PTHA 2267

Physical Therapist Assistant III PTHA 2435

Rehabilitation Techniques

Cover Letter For Physical Therapist

Good evening Esteban,

I am applying for the position of College student in Community College. The exact position I want to apply for would be Physical Therapist.

I am currently still in High School and one of the main classes that I am taking is a class that is teaching me how to deal with patients. Secondly, this class is helping me with knowing how to deal with patients and learning more about the job that I will be doing. This position has given me so many challenges, but it has been good because you learn how to be more responsible. Also, it teaches you how to get along with others.

I've noticed that this class is playing an important role for me. I believe I am a good candidate for being a Physical Therapist because I have good experience and it would be a good experience for me to establish myself in a exciting career. I would like an opportunity for an interview so I can further establish my interests. Thank you for your consideration.


Sofia Estrada

2345 Mid Way

El Paso, TX 2345




Regina Cadena

3890 tierra verde

El Paso, Texas 79938



Career Objective

I am a college graduate that has a goal to be a full time Physical Therapist to help others that are struggling. My goal is to help other feel better and cure them.

Skills & Abilities

Experiential learning

Advanced Understanding of Content Area

Work well with others

Critical thinker


Technologically Adept (Adobe Creative Suite, TCEA, etc.)

Mentor to Students / Teachers


Physical therapist

Education Pebble Hills H.S diploma 2014-2018

El Paso Community College 2019-2023

Employment History

2015-2015 SISD,

Physical therapist


I helped my partner Sofia with anything that she needed help on.


1. Mr. Not True


Pebble Hills



Persuasive Essay

I have always loved to cure others. Helping others makes me feel better about myself because I at least know that I am doing something good. When I was younger my sister and I would always play that I was a therapist and she was the patient. We would pretend that she was hurt and needed my help to cure her. That was when I really started thinking about being a physical therapist.

In addition, when I was in 6th grade I was in a play and the theme was about someone who got in a car crash and needed to go to the hospital. There was a role of physical therapy and of course I got it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how it would be if it was real. I really enjoyed playing the role because I did it as if was a real life situation and it was really good. Also, doing this really gave me chance to see if this was really what i wanted to do for pretty much my whole life. I thought it was great so now here I am going after my dream.

I can still remember the day when i went on that stage and tried my very hardest. I did this because I wanted to feel how it would really be in the real world if I did become a therapist. When I tried my best that was when I really enjoyed it the most. I was so proud of myself that I went and wasn't able to sleep because I had a big smile on my face. Many of my friends that were on that same play texted me and told me I had done really good. That made me even happier because I felt like it was all worth it and that I had done something good.

My dream is to become a physical therapist and help the people in need. I would really enjoy curing others.I believe this can happen if I become a physical therapist.

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