Comunidades Final

Por: Marina Gill

Describe The Activity!

I listened a podcast this week about Barcelona and Catalunya. This podcast was by Rick Stevens who has tons of different videos about his travels around Europe. Listening this podcast was very interesting and awesome to have a cultural experience in the comfort of my own home. This podcast took me on a tour of Catalunya. For example he took a tour of the Picasso Museum, and I was able to hear about the art culture. I was also able to hear about the markets they have in Barcelona that how they are full of history and cultural experiences. Lastly, in this podcast I was able to hear native speakers from Catalunya that spoke Catalan. It sounds similar to Spanish, but the people of Catalunya take pride in their own language.

What I learned!

By listening this podcast I learned so much about the history, culture, and people that make up the wonderful Barcelona and Catalunya. I first learned that the city mostly thrives off of tourism. For example the 1992 Olympic games where held in Barcelona and attracted tons of tourists, and brought tons of money into the city. I also learned about the pride of the Catalonians. They take such pride in their heritage, and even have their own flag separate from the flag of Spain. The podcast also mentioned how a long time ago the new leader of Spain banned the people of Calalunya to use their own flag. Instead of the people raising the flag of Spain like the leader wanted, they only raised the flag of the Barcelona soccer team.

How it Will Affect My Future!

This Podcast will have a big impact on my future. I have never traveled to Spain and hope to someday. Now that I have listened to this podcast I know some of the things that I will do when I travel there. For example visit the man made beaches in Barcelona and see how beautiful they are in person. I also would want to visit the Picasso Museum so I could learn about some of the historical aspects of the country. Lastly I would want to visit the market center so I could experience the food culture of Catalyuna. The markets have all sorts of vegetables, fishes, dairy products, ect. that are said to be extremely fresh. This podcast will affect my future with my travels because it exposed me to many of the greatest parts of Barcelona!

Comunidades 4

Describe The Activity!

For my comunidades I went to the Spanish service at my church. I knew about the service but I never really thought about going to it. I felt a little out of place at first but everyone was very nice. We started off by singing songs in Spanish then the pastor spoke, and we ended with more singing. It was nice to have the lyrics up on the screen because sometimes it is hard to understand what they were saying. It was very interesting to see the differences between the English service and the Spanish service. The Spanish service was more modern and full of culture. For example during the songs people were clapping and dancing and getting really into the music.

What I learned!

I learned a lot from this experience about the Spanish language and the Spanish culture. I also thought it was really exciting to practice my faith and my second language at the same time. I felt very submerged in the culture and language with this experience. I learned a new way to use my Spanish speaking skills. Through this experience I learned that the Spanish culture in church is less traditional. They dress more casually and clap and dance to the music. They profess their religion in a different way then I am used to. It was awesome to see a different side of the religion that I was unaware of. They also have different traditions in this service. At the end when the pastor was praying lots of people went up to the stage and got on their knees and prayed. I learned about their traditions and how they practice the Christian religion.

How It Will Affect My Future

This experience will affect my future because it exposed me to something I have never experienced before. I hope that I can go to another service in my future. Something that I also really want to get involved with is working with the children of the people who go to the Spanish service. They are in the children's care center while their parents are in the adult service. I think it would give me a great opportunity to work with the kids and practice my Spanish. I could really learn a lot from the little kids. This also has already affected my future because it makes me want to be better at speaking Spanish. I want to minor in Spanish in college because I know realize how important it is to be able to speak another language. Being able to speak Spanish can bring all different kinds of people together. This experience was really fun and inspirational! 

Comunidades 5

Describe The Activity

I watched the movie Cinco De Mayo: La Batalla. This movie was very interesting. I was very long, but it showed the truth behind the so called celebration. It showed me the real truth of what people in the United States are celebrating for fun. This movie was full of war action and gore, but it portrays the real meaning of Cinco de Mayo. It was very cool to have the cultural knowledge transmitted to me from watching a movie.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Cinco De Mayo. I learned that it doesn't commemorate Mexican Independence day. It is actually a celebration remembering when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the French at Pueblo. It was in fact a very hard time for the Mexicans. I have celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my friends in the past years and I never knew that is was about a very scary war. Also by watching this movie I learned about Mexican pride. Throughout the movie their determination and strength are omnipresent. General Ignacio Zaragoza lead the Mexican army to victory and defeated the French. By watching this movie I was exposed to the truth and now if I celebrate the so called holiday with my friends I will be aware of what the day actually means.

How It Will Affect My Future

By watching this movie I now understand what Cinco de Mayo really means. It is not just and excuse to dress up and go to a party with my friends here in the United States. Most Americans are oblivious to what the day actually means, they are just looking for an excuse to have a celebration. This will affect my future because now I understand what the holiday is all about, and if I go to a Cinco de Mayo party this year I can share my knowledge of the history behind the Holiday. This movie will also affect my future because now I realize that I should be aware of what a holiday means before I go around celebrating it. From now on I know that I will do my research before I celebrate so I can be respectful, and understand the significance of the day.

What are the two most interesting/important things you learned about the Spanish language/Hispanic culture from participating in these activities this year?

By participating in these activities I was exposed to many new and intriguing experiences. The first thing that I learned overall was that opportunities to better my understanding of the language are all around me. For example when I went to the Spanish service at my church, I had never even known about that service until this year when I became more interested in the language. I think it is very important to realize that opportunities are everywhere and it is my decision whether or not to take them. Without Comunidades I would have never gone out of my comfort zone and gone to the Spanish service. This year has lead to personal growth and an extensive change in my life. Secondly, comunidades has made me more confident in my speaking. It is very interesting to me that by doing this class assignment my communication skills in Spanish have improved so much. I am now able to have a conversation with my housekeepers and waiters at restaurants because of comunidades. It is very amazing how exposing yourself a couple of times can really make things easier and more comfortable.

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