Obesity, by definition, is the extreme excess of body fat. Over the past two decades, obesity has become an epidemic that can only be prevented through proper diet and exercise. Because of the huge advancement in technology, the American lifestyle has become more and more sedentary, leading to the obesity problem. Now, we even see children below the age of 13 become epidemic; we would not have seen this 30 years ago.

By 2010, obesity rates double from the 1980s to 20%, with some states as high as 30% obesity rate. A lot of this can be blamed on the lack of movement in a person's life and the highly processed/unnatural food that is consumed. Although the American diet has cut sugar usage down by 28%, we have skyrocketed corn based sweetener usage to 500% of what it used to be.

This has affected our culture through a more conscientious awareness of what we are put into our bodies. Recently, Michelle Obama has had legislature passed as to what defines a school lunch and what each school lunch should provide.

Social Media

Over the past decade, we have seen the introduction of huge amounts of social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and many more have begun to consume the life of users that log on. Most social media has been wired and specialized for the use on mobile devices and with the increasingly mobile world, that makes social media all the more appealing and entertaining.


Google is the most used search engine the world has ever seen. Most likely, you can't go a day without Googling something because the database behind Google has such a huge amount of resources to answer a question. Created at Stanford University in 1996, Google was the first and only search engine to organize results by relevance to the question. Google is still the premier search engine.