What comes first

Exponents are one of the hardest things to do, yet there easy.

They are pretty easy , one of the easiest mistakes is multiplying the number by the Power.

An exponent is a positive or negative number placed above and to the right of a quantity. It expresses the power to which the quantity is to be raised or lowered. In 4 to the 3rd POWER, 3 is the exponent and 4 is called the base. It shows that 4 is to be used as a factor three times. 4 × 4 × 4

Order of Operations
The Order of Operations states that exponents go second behind parentheses.

In This problem what would you do first? What would you do second?

In this problem what would you do first?

Example Problems

6² + 8 +(5-3)
Work Yourself

6² -25+2



You have none!!!!!

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