Road to Emmaus

by Cory Peoples

Once upon a time, after the death of the Son of God. Two of his disciples were along a trail on the way to a village. They were both astonished by the news of Jesus being resurrected after three days of his death.

What they didn't know was that Jesus was among them, for Jesus himself came from nowhere and walked along with them but they didn't know who he was.

"What are you two conversing about?" Jesus asked. Not aware of who he was the two disciples were a tad disturbed by some random getting in the middle of their conversation. "Have you not heard of the events that took place a couple of days ago?" one of them questions Jesus. The man who asked him this question, his name was Cleopas.

"What sort of events took place?" Jesus asked with another follow up question. "Well Jesus of Nazareth was arrested by the army and was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate," the other man answered. "It's a shame to, he was killed by crucifixion, and I believed he was going to be Israel's saving grace," Cleopas added. "Although I did here that some of our companions and a couple of women found the tomb where he was laid to be empty," stated the other man. "Could his body really have disappeared though, I mean, it's a well guarded tomb, I bet they were delusional and forgot which chamber his body was in," he continued.

"How utterly foolish you are, doubting that the Messiah has risen, didn't he suffer and die for you and entered into wondrous glory?" Jesus spoke. Both men immediately clammed up and Jesus continued to speak Scripture to them on their walk. They finally reached the village where Jesus hinted that he should move on, but the other men wanted him to stay for a little while longer. It came around supper time and the three men were sitting around the table ready to eat. Jesus broke the bread when suddenly the men recognized who he was but before they could speak, he vanished. The two men, after that mystical event, went to the Eleven and told them is true that Christ has risen from the dead.

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3 years ago

Excellent job, Cory!!