Artist: Victoria Belanger-- Greek Sphinx. Drawing

Name: Sphinx

Physical description: Bearing the fierce body of a Lion, the sphinx's only hunan part is her head and upper torso, commonly belonging to that of a woman. Her figure includes magnificent Eagle wings and a snake as a tail.

Crimes: Sent by the Gods to plague the people of Thebes, the Sphinx kills all who does not solve her riddle, "What is it that goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at midday, and on three legs at evening?" The people of Thebes had not punished the Lains, who had kidnapped Chrysippus from Pisa. She could've been personally sent by Goddess Hera or God Ares, extra reward will be given to any who capture either of them. Deceased humans often become an evening meal for the Sphinx-- don't expect an open casket funeral.

Family: The Sphinx was educated by either the Muses or Laius and born from Orthus and Chimaera. It is also suspected that she was born from Typhon and Chimaera or Typhon and Echidna, she originated from the country of Arima or distant Ethiopia. Although the Sphinx could be a natural daughter, it is also believed that she, along with the daughters of Cadmus, went insane and mutated into a monstrosity.

Abilities: She eats anyone and anything, the Sphinx shows no mercy. First she strangles her victim, then she devours its remains. Beware of her lions teeth and claws, do not forget her snake tail, which is most likely venomous.

Weaknesses: The Sphinx always inquires the same riddle-- make sure to approach her aware of the answer. If you answer correctly, she may be set in such a fit of despair to commit suicide.

Reward: The reward will be provided by Kreon-- the regent of Thebes. Whoever does defeat the Sphinx will be awarded kingship, a compensation worth your time.


    The Sphinx, that of which has been terrorizing Thebes and striking fear in us all, has perished! We thank our dear friend Oedipus, who solved the Sphinx's bewildering riddle, "What is it that goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at midday, and on three legs at evening?", the answer was something that shocked us all-- a man! When the Sphinx found that her riddle had been solved, she was so disheartened, that she cast herself off a cliff, plunging down to a rocky demise. Oedipus returned from the cliff, joyfully claiming his reward and becoming our ruler. Let us rejoice! The Sphinx is dead, all hail Oedipus the Savior!

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